S.M.C.B.A. - Surface Mount & Circuit Board Association - Australia


The following text titles have been collated over a number of years by the SMCBA. Some texts may be out of print but where possible we will endeavour to source these for members.

Blankenhorn, James
BGA, COB and Flip Chip PCB Design
How to do SMT/FPT Rework and Repair, 5th Ed
Putting Buried Resistors into your PCB
SMT Fundamentals of Product Design
SMT High Density Design and DFM, 2nd Ed
Professional SMT Component and Land Pattern, Book 8th Ed
Boswell, David
Electrochemical Publications
Setting Up In-House SMT: Practical and Technical Guidelines
Boswell & Wickham, M.
Chapman & Hall
Surface Mount Guidelines for Process Control, Quality and Reliability
Cala, F & Winston, A
Electrochemical Publications
Handbook of Aqueous Cleaning Technology for Electronic Assemblies
Condra, Lloyd
Marcel Dekker
Reliability Improvement with Design of Experiments
Coombs, Clyde (Ed)
Printed Circuits Handbook, 4th Edition
Danielsson, Hans
Chapman & Hall
SMT with Fine Pitch Components: Manufacturing Issues
Dean, D
Electrochemical Publications
Thermal Design of Electronic Circuit Boards and Packages
Di Giacomo, Giulio
Reliability of Electronic Packages and Semiconductor Devices
Einarson, Norman
Printed Circuit Technology
Bare Board PWB Design Manual
Ellis, B
Electrochemical Publications
Cleaning and Contamination of Electronics Components and Assemblies
Elshabini-Riad & Barlow
Thin Film Technology Handbook
Fjelstad, Joseph
An Engineer's Guide to Flexible Printed Technology: Materials, Design, Applications, Manufacturing Flexible Circuit Technology
Frear, Morgan, Burchett
and Lau

Chapman & Hall
The Mechanics of Solder Alloy Interconnects
Gilleo, Ken
International Thomson Publishing
Polymer Thick Film
Gilster, Paul
Wiley Computer Publishing
Digital Literacy
Hanson, Robert
SMT Plus
Guidelines to Successful Testing of Electronic Circuit Boards
Wire Bonding in Microelectronics
Harper, Charles
Electronic Packaging and Interconnect Handbook, 2nd Ed
Haskard, M & Pitt, K
Electrochemical Publications
Thick Film Technology and Applications
Hermann & Egerer
Electrochemical Publications
Handbook of Printed Circuit Technology (Volume 2)
Hollomon, Jim
Surface Mount Technology for PC Board Design
Holmes & Loasby
Electrochemical Publications
Handbook of Thick Film Technology
Hutchins, Charles
C. Hutchins & Associates
Understanding and Using SMT & Fine Pitch Technology Troubleshooting the SMT/FPT Process
Hwang, Jennie
Electrochemical Manufacturing
Ball Grid Array & Fine Pitch Peripheral Interconnections Modern Solder Technology for Competitive Electronics
Jawitz, Martin
Printed Circuit Board Materials Handbook
Klein Wassink, Reinhard
Electrochemical Publications l
Soldering in Electronics, 2nd Edition
Klein Wassink & Verguld
Electrochemical Publications
Manufacturing Techniques for Surface Mounted Assemblies
Kolyer, J & Watson, D
Chapman & Hall
ESD from A to Z, 2nd Edition
Kos A & De Mey, G
Electrochemical Publications
Thermal Modelling and Optimisation of Power Microcircuits
Lau, John (Ed)
McGraw-Hill/ Chapman & Hall/ International Thomson Publishing
Ball Grid Array Technology
Chip on Board Technologies for Multichip Modules
Flip Chip Technologies
Handbook of Fine Pitch Surface Mount Technology
Handbook of Tape Automated Bonding
Solder Joint Reliability
Electronic Packaging
Lau, John & Pao, Yi-Hsin
Soldering Joint Reliability of BGA, CSP, Flip Chip and Fine Pitch SMT Assemblies
Lea, Colin
Electrochemical Publications
A Scientific Guide to Surface Mount Technology After CFCs?
Circuit Card Assembly Interactive CD-ROM High Reliability Solder and Rework Interactive CD-ROM
Leonida, G
Electrochemical Publications
Handbook of Printed Circuit Design, Manufacture, Components and Assemblies
Macleod Ross, William
Electrochemical Publications
A Comprehensive Guide to the Design and Manufacture of Printed Board Assemblies, Vol 1: Components and Assembly
Mahoney, Michael
Prentice Hall/HP Professional Books
High-Mix Low-Volume Manufacturing
Manko, Howard
Chapman & Hall
Soldering Handbook for Printed Circuits and Surface Mounting: Design Materials, Processes, Equipment, Troubleshooting, Quality and Line Management, 2nd Edition
Palmer, Roger
Helmers Publishing
The Bar Code Book: Reading, Printing, Specification and Application of Bar Code and Other Machine Readable Symbols, 3rd Edition
Pawling, J
Electrochemical Publications
Surface Mounted Assemblies
Pecht, Michael
Wiley Interscience
with Nguyen & Hakim

with Dasgupta, Evans
& Evans
Integrated Circuit, Hybrid and Multichip Module Package
Design Guidelines: A Focus on Reliability
Plastic-Encapsulated Microelectronics: Materials, Processes,
Quality, Reliability and Applications
Quality Conformance and Qualification of Microelectronic
Packages and Interconnects
Peck, Douglas
Advanced Electronics Interconnect
Mastering & Implementing BGA Technology
Prasad, Ray
Chapman & Hall
Surface Mount Technology: Principles and Practice, 2nd Edition
Rahn, Armin
John Wiley & Sons
The Basics of Soldering
Ritchey, L
& Blankenhorn, J

SMT Plus
High Speed PCB Design, 4th Edition
Rowland R & Belangia, P
International Thomson Publishing
Applied Surface Mount Assembly: A Guide to Surface Mount Materials and Processes
Scarlett, J A
Electrochemical Publications
An Introduction to Printed Circuit Board Technology
Printed Circuit Boards for Microelectronics (2nd Edition)
The Multilayer Printed Circuit Board Handbook
Scheiber, Stephen
Building a Successful Board-Test Strategy
Sclater, N & Markus, J
McGraw-Hill Electronics Dictionary, 6th Edition
Shina, Prof Sammy G
Van Nostrand Reinhold
Concurrent Engineering and Design for Manufacture of Electronics Products
Successful Implementation of Concurrent Engineering Products and Processes
Sinnadurai, N
Electrochemical Publications
Handbook of Microelectronics Packaging and Interconnection
Emerging Technologies Symposium 1997 Proceedings
Learning Institute Proceedings 1997
New and Critical Technologies for SMT Proceedings 1995
Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium Proceedings 96/97/98
Testability Guidelines
SMT Plus
SMT & Fine Lead Repair Rework CD-ROM
How to do SMT/FPT Rework and Repair, 5th Ed
Putting Buried Resistors into your PCB
SMT Fundamentals of Product Design
SMT High Density Design and DFM, 2nd Ed
Professional SMT Component and Land Pattern, Book 8th Ed
High Speed PCB Design, 4th Edition
Solberg, Vern
Design Guidelines for Surface Mount and Fine Pitch Technology, 2nd Edition
Stearns, Thomas
Flexible Printed Circuitry
Termini, Michael
The New Manufacturing Engineer: Coming of Age in an Agile Environment
Tummala, R. et al
Chapman & Hall
Microelectronics Packaging Handbook, Part III: Subsystem Packaging
Van Zant
Microchip Fabrication, 3rd Edition
Viswandham & Singh
Failure Modes and Mechanisms in Electronic Packages
Whitaker, Jerry (Ed)
CRC Press
The Electronics Handbook
Willis, Bob
Electronic Presentation Services
A range of videos, reference material, posters and guides
Internet: www.bobwillis.co.uk
Woodgate, Ralph
Wiley Interscience
John Wiley & Sons
A Guide to the Control of Solderability
A Guide to Defect-Free Soldering
The Handbook of Machine Soldering, 3rd Edition
Managing the Manufacturing Process
Vost, Hosking & Frear
International Thompson
The Mechanics of Solder Alloy Wetting and Spreading
Zarrow, P & Kopp, D
Surface Mount Technology Terms & Concepts